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As I have inserted in various posts, and for those of you who have driven up and down the East Coast, when it comes to this short track that drives like it is a super-speedway, “it’s a long way to Richmond rollin’ North on 95”!

It is not often that NASCAR rolls back-to-back in bullrings, however it is happening this week at Henrico County fairgrounds, better known as the Richmond International Raceway.  On the short tracks, the bullrings of NASCAR, there are two things that can be said:  Either someone is in your way, or you are in somene’s way!

The evidence is in the sheetmetal!  If your right side is battered and beaten, then you were fast and the field was in your way!  Conversely, if you left side is beaten to heck, you were slow and always in someone’s way!


Our Richmond Picks


From the picture that leads off this ariticle you may surmise that “Freaky Fast” Kevin Harvick has the most players on his side this week.  That would be a correct assumption!  CaroleJerry The Buschwacker, and Dan The Numbers Cruncher are ordering up sandwiches from Jimmy John’s, hoping for a Freaky Fast delivery, so that they all can celebrate at Richmond Saturday night!

Marc and Brandon are stepping out on a limb this week, putting their full support behind, and hoping for results similar to what happened last week at Bristol when a driver ended a very long winnless streak!  Both of these players are putting all their marbles in the sack of Clint Bowyer at Richmond.

Both Jim, aka Chiefy and A&M Aggie Sue are relly hoping that Mr. Six-Pack, Jimmie Johnson can make it three wins so far this season!

Additionally, both Edie and Carlton The Doorman are thinking that Sliced Bread, Joey Logano, will be able to collect his second win of the season at RIR.

Lastly, Linda The Cookie Mom and Leon The Retired Airline Captain, Part-Time Cardiologist and Strawberry Picker, Former Elephant Driver, But Mostly Your Extremely Humble Sheriff are hoping that Denny Hamlin get all the kinks worked out of his neck from Bristol, and can “let the big dog eat” at Richmond!

That leaves eleven players, one half of The Redneck Fantasy League, that have individual picks, and therefore are in bidnez for themselves!

Last week at Bristol the tempers were uncharacteristically held in check.  I am guessing that will not be the case after a night race at Richmond!  My guess is that there will some bruised egos, some lost tempers, and some crumpled sheetmetal when the checkered flies Saturday night!  So this should be like what happens at everyother short track Saturday night!

In the words of Elton John, when you get a belly full of beer, “Saturday night is alright for fighting”!

Good luck to all this week!



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