Kurt Busch

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Kurt Busch, who was suspended by NASCAR for the first three Sprint Cup Series races of the season, bounced all the way back on Sunday as he won the rain-delayed Toyota Owner’s 400 at Richmond International Raceway, and punched his ticket for The Chase.


Movers and Shakers


Only one player, Doug Jr. The Crown Prince of Kettle Corn, was hanging out with the race winner of the Toyota Owner’s 400 this week!  That pick gave The Crown Prince 48 big points this week!

There were three players, Carole, Jerry The Buschwacker, and Dan the Numbers Cruncher that were riding shotgun with the Freaky Fast Kevin Harvick.  That choice rewarded all them with a cool 43 points.

There was another group of three players that scored very well this week, Jim aka Chiefy, Cole The Natural, and A&M Aggie Sue.  Chiefy and A&M Aggie Sue received their points via Jimmie Johnson’s third place finish, while Cole gathered his points from Jamie McMurray’s fourth place finish.

Meanwhile, Carlton The Doorman and Edie grabbed 40 points from Joey Logano’s fifth place finish.

Rounding out the top five scores for the race is Doug The Former Mudslinger and Psychic, Turned Kettle Corn Dude with a very nice score of 38 points from Kasey Kahne.

This week just slightly more than one half of the players changed places.

The single largest mover of the weekend is Linda The Cookie Mom!  With her paltry 22 points scored, she plummetted five spots to reside in 16th place after the Richmond race.

Following The Cookie Mom, there were four players who, either climbed or fell two spots, after the Richmond race.  Doug Jr. The Crowned Prince of Kettle Corn, Carole, and Jerry The Buschwacker all moved up two spots. Conversely, Jason The Latent Tie Dye Hippie fell two spots.

There were seven players who either stepped up one, or fell one, spot this week. Those who were successful and moved up one spot were Dan The Numbers Cruncher, Lonna The Quilt Angel, and Cole The Natural. Meanwhile both Marc and Bernie The Bya Area Bandit and Password Queen slipped one place.


Straight From The Crapper


This week most all of the payers had a reasonably good week!  So this is one week where I am having to kinda dig deep to award the “crappiest pick of the week”!  There is, however, a tie for this award.  Both Linda The Cookie Mom and Leon The Retired Airline Captain, Part-Time Cardiolgist and Strawberry Picker, Former Elephant Driver, and Your Most Humble Sheriff each scored 22 points, which was the least amount score by any player at Richmond!

Additionally, we have a new player in “The Outhouse” this week!  Cole and Zee have swapped places, making Zee the new Princess of The Poophouse!

Next week it is off to “Sweet Home Alabama”, Talladega!


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