Matt Kenseth

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In the vernacular of racing, Matt Kenseth really stunk up the show!  The Joe Gibbs Racing Dollar General Store No. 20 Toyota led 352 laps of the 400 lap race at Richmond International Raceway.  There was just nobody who came close to having anything for Kenseth, in this the final race of the regular season!


The Fraternal Order of The Go Fast


There was nobody within the fantasy league that selected Matt Kenseth to win the race at Richmond.  However, both Carlton The Doorman and Edie were riding shotgun with Kyle Busch at Richmond and received 43 points this week for KyBu’s second place finish.  With Edie’s 43 points,she rises to the top of the standings this week!


Movers and Shakers


Both Dawn and Carole were hoping that Joey Logano could get to Kenseth’s bumper on the last restart and be able to power past Kenseth for the win.  Unfortuately, that did not happen.  But they still were able to log 42 points for Logano’s third place finish.

Jerry The Buschwacker, Cole The On Demand Baseball Player, and Dan The Numbers Cruncher obviously thought that Denny Hamlin could weather through the pain of a torn ACL and hang with the big dogs.  That fact came true for those three scoring 39 points.

The trio of Jim, aka Chiefy, Doug, Jr. The Crowned Prince of Kettle Corn, and David The Mudslining Throttle Jockey all were really hoping that Jeff Gordon could pull off a victory in his last race at Rcihmond.  However, that was not to be.  But Gordon was able to bring home a 7th palce finish giving those three players 37 points.

Rounding out the top five scorers this week are Zee, Bernie The Bay Area Bandit, and Jason The Latent Tie Dye Hippie and All Around Edgy Dude!  This trio had picked Blazingly Bad Brad Keselowski as their choice at Richmond.  He failed to secure a victory, however Kes did being home an 8th place finish and prvided 36 points for these three players.

Richmond, being the second race of the segment, has proven to provide massive movement with in the standings this week.  In fact the only player who did not move this week was Cole The On Demand Baseball Player!

The biggest mover this week is Marc.  Even though he scored 24 points, Marc still dropped like a bad habit after Richmond, plummeting eleven (11) spots!

On the other hand, Edie rose nine (9) spots with her great showing.

Both A&M Aggie Sue and Lonna The Quilt Angel slithered down in the standings seven (7) places Satruday.

There were two players who moved six (6) positions this week.  Carlton The Doorman had a great race stepping up six spots, conversely JeremyThe Coach slipped down six (6) places!

Round out the five biggest movers this week is a trio of players, Karen The Highly Opinionated Southern Belle, Carole, and Dan The Numbers Dude, all moving up five (5) places after Richmond.


Straight From The Crapper


Even though nobody had a single digit race this week, Linda The Cookie Mom was only able to walk away from Richmond with a minuscule twelve (12) points.  Those twelve points garnered her this week’s crappiest pick of the week award!  Not only did Linda The Cookie Mom garner the crapiest pick of the week award, those same twelve points also landed her squarely in The Outhouse!

Next week The Chase begins with all the teams rolling into Chicago, my kind of town!

Good luck to all!


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