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One quarter of the the third segment races have now been completed.

After checking out the standings, it is safe to say that it is still anybody’s segment to win!  The top ten on the leaderboard, that is nearly one half of the players, are separated only by 13 points. Likewise, the middle of the standings, positions 6-15 are only separated by 19 points.  Lastly, any camparison would not be complete without talking about the race for The Outhouse!  The bottom seven players are only separtated by 12 points.  So as you can see the segment is still very competitve, no matter if you are racing for the win, or your are racing for the coveted Outhouse Award, it is all within your grasp!


Our Louden Picks


This just in from The Redneck Fantasy League Private Investigator:

It looks like this week a majority of players like “ol Rowdy”, Kyle Busch, to grab the victory at Louden.  Those who will be munching on huge bags of  M&M’s this weekend are Karen The Highly Opinionated Southern Belle, Dawn, Jim, aka Chiefy, Doug, Jr. The Crowned Prince of Kettle Corn, and yours truly, Leon Your Most Humble Sheriff.  Quite distrubingly though we have video evidence from in the in-store video cameras at several Walmart stores that all of the above were seen racing their shopping carts around at very high speed, sometimes putting other customers in danger, and loading it up with cases of M&M products!  Odd or just another day at the races?

Additionally, we have received, from an anonymus source, that both Zee and Edie were seen staking out their Dollar General Store Monday night.  TRFLPI has reported that there are other persons of interest that needs to be interviewed before charges go forth!  Is there a coincidence that both of these ladies are picking Matt Kensth to win at Louden, or is there a deeper and darker truth hidden?

Meanwhile it was also noticed that both Jason The Latent Tie Dye Hippie and All Around Edgy Dude and Lonna The Quilt Angel were observed at their local Furniture Row outlets scoping out some furniture.  Through some stealthy investigation techniques it was deterined that the All Around Edgy Dude is most definitely in need of some furniture, however, the investigation is still inconclusive regarding the needs of The Quilt Angel.  So that begs the question; conspiracy, coincidence, or are they just hoping that Martin Truex, Jr. wins at Louden?

Oh TRFLPI has been working over time this week, as is the case every year in the final segment of the season.  Through some tips from our stealthy and sneaky player/snitches there was word on the street that Brandon and Linda The Cookie Mom were seen sneaking into their local auto parts store loading up on cases and cases of Pennzoil.  Now come on man, it only take 5-7 quarts for an oil change for your average car!  What is their motvation for all that oil?  Could there be an organized effort to drive the prices up on that product, or are they just supporting Joey Logano this week?  You be the judge!

Last on the list of investigations going on this week involves Marc and Doug The Former Mudslinger and Psychic, Turned Kettle Corn Dude.  TRFLPI is somehat puzzled that after reviewing some of Lowe’s video cams at a couple different locations within the San Joaquin Valley, both Marc’s truck and The Kettle Corn Dude’s truck was seen approaching, parking, and then mysteriously vanishing, like an elk in the woods, from more than one lacation!  Do they really have that large of a DIY project or is there something about Jimmie Johnson that the duo will not disclose?  So many questions, so little time!

So if you think that the ol Redneck Fantasy League PI has been busy this week you are totally correct!  In addition to the above investigations that can be disclosed, he was also closely scrutinizing those nine players that think that they are independent thinkers.  Because we know that the players who are in bidnez for themselves can pose a real threat to the rest of the group!

Good luck to all!


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