Joey Johnson

This week the support from Thge Redneck Fantasy League is a varied and wide spread as the locales in which the 21 players live!  We have three drivers with wIth three players in their corners and we have two drivers with two players rolling the bones for them in The Toyota Owner’s 400..


Our Richmond Picks


For a lack of any other way to do this today I will take the three drivers with three players in their court alphabetically.

The three players letting it all ride with Carl Edwards this week are Zee, aka Sissy, Bernie The Bay Area Bandit and A&M Aggies Sue.  One out of these three is within striking distance of winning the segment, and it is not Sissy or The Bay Area Bandito!

Lonna The Quilt Angel, Carole, aka Rudy and Jeremy The Coach are all in with Denny Hamlin this week at Richmond.  Hamlin at Richmond is nornally an excellent choice so we shall see if it reaps big rewards for this trio.

Likewise, another good choice for Richmond would be “Sliced Bread”, Joey Logano.  Bobby Blue Crush, Jason The Latent Tie Dye Hippie and All-Around Edgy Dude and Your Most Humble Sheriff must have taken some time to do their homework this week!

David The Mudslinging Throttle Jockey and Linda The Cookie Mom were seen recently honkering down for this race and ordering up cases of Jimmy John’s Freaky Fast sandwiches. Although I am not totally sure that it will help their driver, Kevin Harvick, this week, but I have seen stranger things happen!

Finally, Linda The Cookie Mom and Carlton The Doorman are hanging tight with Mr. Six-Pack, Jimmie Johnson at Richmond.

This is the third short track in the last four weeks for the Sprint Cup.  Now the tempers have been held kinda sorta in check at Martinsville and Bristol, however, I do look for the tempers to boil over at Richmond.  You can only take a door slam, a bumper bang, or a bonzai slide job for so long!  It will be extremely important that the officials at the pit gate frisk the crewmembers and confiscate all weapons prior to allowing entry to the garage area!

Remember, just like Martinsvile and Bristol, here at Richmond there are two things that you can say and they are both the truth; either someone is in your way, or you are in someone’s way!  So as the haulers leave Charlotte and head up I-95 just remember one thing.

“It is a long way to Richmond rollin’ North on 95 with a redhead riding shotgun and a pistol by my side!”


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