Joey Logano & Ryan Blaney

It took Joey Logano all afternoon to drive from the back of the field to the front in Sunday’s Toyota Owners 400 at Richmond International Raceway.

Logano started from the rear after a post-qualifying transmission change, but when the checkered flag waved after Lap 400, the driver of the No. 22 Team Penske Ford was at the head of the field, having held off a banzai charge from teammate Brad Keselowski during a 19-lap green-flag run.

Logano took the lead for the first time on Lap 384, after restarting behind six cars that had stayed out on old tires under caution for Ryan Blaney’s contact with the Turn 3 wall on Lap 377. On fresh rubber, Logano made short work of the cars in front of him and passed series leader Kyle Larson for the top spot with 16 circuits left.


The Fraternal Order of The Go Fast


This week there is a trio of winners!  The three lucky players include Bernie The Bay Area Bandit, Jerry The Buschwacker, as well as Cole The Redneck Understudy all were riding shotgun with “Sliced Bread”, aka Joey Logano.


The Movers and Shakers


Once again, with the new stage points system that NASCAR instituted this year, the race winner does not necessarily score the most points.  The highest scoring players at Richmond comes from “the sisterhood”!  Both ladies, Zee, aka Sissy and A&M Aggie Sue was rooting for “Blazingly Bad” Brad Keselowski and with his stage and race points added together made these two ladies the highest scorers, gathering up 50 big points!

Up next is a motley quartet that consists of Jim, aka Chiefy, Lonna The Quilt Angel, Bobby Blue Crush, as well as Leon Your Most Humble Sheriff who were riding high and not afraid to die with Denny Hamlin.  “The Delivernator” handed them a nice 47 points Sunday.

As was mentioned above, The Bay Area Bandit, The Buschwacker, and The Redneck Understudy were riding shotgun with the race winner, Joey Logano at Richmond.  This unlikely trio pocketed 42 points this week.  It quite interesting that the players who selected the race winner became the third highest scorers of the weekend!

Next on the list of high scorers is a threesome consisting of Carlton The Doorman, Snoopy Dawn and Linda The Cookie Mom.  This trio had put all their marbles in the sack of “Young Money”, Kyle Larson, and added 38 points to their 1st segment totals.

Rounding out the to five point getters this week is Karen The Highly Opinionated Southern Belle.  The Opinionated One rolled the dice this week and was all in with Martin Truex, Jr. and getting paid back 35 points.

In week number nine there were seven players who were able to remain in their previous places when the checkered flag flew at Richmond.  Doing basic math in public, that means that fourteen players are now sitting in a different place on the scoring pylon.  Although there were not huge scale movements, there was lots of small slipping and sliding on the totem pole.

The largest mover in race number nine of segment number one is Edie The Las Vegas Super Star who slipped, stumbled and fell five (5) places and landed in 9th place.

Zee, aka Sissy, conversely climbed up three (3) spots to sit in 15th place.

The third biggest movers for the week are Jim, aka Chiefy and Snoopy Dawn.  Chiefy stepped up two (2) spots to rest in 5th position.  Meanwhile Snoopy dropped down to 16th place this week.

Nearly one half of the players, ten in total moved up or down one position.  Bobby Blue Crush, Skid-Marc, Karen The Highly Opinionated Southern Belle, Lonna The Quilt Angel, Cole The Redneck Understudy and Carole, aka Rudy all moved up one place.

Whereas Jeremy The Coach, Bernie The Bay Area Bandit, Jerry The Buschwacker, Dan The Numbers Cruncher, as well as Kathy The Church Forecloser all slid down one place.


Straight From The Crapper


The Crappiest Pick of The Week award goes this week to Jeremy The Coach for his mediocre 13 points!

Once again the Outhouse Award goes to Doug The Gandy Candy Man who still has 20 point buffer over his closest competitor, Kathy The Church Forecloser. With just three races left in this segment The Candy Man may be the 1st Segment Outhouse Award winner!

Next week NASCAR makes a pass back into the deep South to Talladega Superspeedway.

On a person note, I would be remiss as a charter member of JUNIOR NATION not to make a comment about the biggest news of the week, the retirement of Dale Earnhardt, Jr.  I became a Dale Jr. fan when I saw how he handled the death of his father, the way he handled the huge national media spotlight thrust upon him, the way that he handled all the big expectations that was put upon him, and the humility that he showed throughout all of his racing career.

For me, I am somewhat sad that he has elected to retire from the Cup Series.  However, he is stepping away under his terms.  There are not many athletes get that opportunity!

Wasn’t it just a couple of years ago that this wild young kid of Dale Earnhardt hit the scene and won the Busch Series championship back-to-back?  No, I guess it was longer ago than I remember.  I guess we all get older before we know it!

Damn those mirrors!

This week I am just feeling a little “watered down”!


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