Joey Logano & Ryan Blaney

This weekend the NASCAR Circus moves into the Irish Hills of Michigan for the first of two summer races at that facility.  This weekend is the FireKeepers Casino 400 race at this high speed D-shaped 2 mile race track near Brooklyn, MI.  For that that are not geography majors or very interested in that sort of venture, this race track is just about 75 miles to the west of Detroit City!


Our Michigan Selections


This week Karen The Highly Opinionated Southern Bell, Snoopy Dawn, Bobby Blue Crush and Carole, aka Rudy have banded together to support “Sliced Bread”, aka Joey Logano.  All four are hoping that, when Logano wins the race, there will be no penalties that might “encumber” this victory, thus allowing him to move into the playoffs.

Rooting for “Mr. Seven-Time”, Jimmie Johnson, this week are Edie The Las Vegas Super Star, Cole The Redneck Understudy, as well as Dan The Numbers Dude.

Additionally, Jeremy The Coach, Linda The Cookie Mom and Leon Your Most Humble Sheriff will be solidly behind the second generation drivier from Dawsonville, GA – Awesome Bill’s son – Chase Elliott!

Jerry The Buschwacker and Kathy The Church Forecloser are hanging out with and hoping for another Kyle Larson victory.

Meanwhile Jim, aka Chiefy and Lonna the Quilt Angel a both backing Matt Kenseth, and hoping to be a part of his first 2017 victory.

Lastly, Skid-Marc and Zee, aka, Sissy are both wishing very badly that Dale Earnhardt, Jr. can dominate and snag a victory at Michigan, much like he did a couple of years ago.

For all the math majors in The Redneck Fantasy League, and for those how are not, but nevertheless was counting the players that was listed above, there are just two independent thinkers.  Whether they are independent thinkers or not, we all know that they are in bidnez for themselves!

Good luck to all!


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