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The NASCAR haulers are “Westbound and down, loaded up and trucking” for Sonoma by the time you will read this!  NASCAR is returning for their last trip to California for 2017, and this weekend will be the first road course race of the season!

“It’s a 3 day drive if she drives all night
Says she’s leavin’ at the crack of dawn
Well she might still be lyin’ here with me
But in her heart she’s already gone
Already packed up, the Altimas gassed up
She’s done put the map up there on the dash
I’m all tore up just tryin’ to man up
Dammin’ these tears up but can’t hold ’em back” (Big and Rich)


Our Sonoma Picks


After checking out our choices for this week it has become very obvious that many of our players are looking back at 2015 when “The Shrub”, Kyle Busch, came back from his horrific crash at Daytona, set NASCAR on fire, and won the 2015 Cup championship.

With that in mind, I selected the above photo for this week’s post that I snapped at LVMS as ol Kylie came to a stop suffering from a “helmet fire”!  When he climbed out of his race car he was hostile, he was fuming and smoke was pouring out of his hot rod from the long slid down pit road. Within seconds KyBu was about to go charge Logano’s pit box to express his displeasure with “Sliced Bread”.  We know what happened after that!

This week eight players, more than one third of the fantasy league, thinks that ol KyBu will lead the field to the checkers, hoist the trophy and swig the red wine Sunday! Those players riding shotgun with ol Kylie are David The Mudslinging Throttle Jockey, A&M Aggie Sue, Bernie The Bay Area Bandit, Skid-Marc, Jeremy The Coach, Bobby Blue Crush, Snoopy Dawn, and of course, Leon Your Extremely Humble Sheriff!

There are three players, Carole, aka Rudy, Zee, aka Sissy and Dan The Numbers Cruncher, who belief that “Young Money”, Kyle Larson may be on a roll and could go back-to-back- in Victory Lane.

Additionally, Kathy The Church Forecloser, Linda The Cookie Mom, as well as Doug The Ageless Sprint Car Driver and Dandy Candy Man are backing Kurt Busch, previously known as “The Outlaw”!

Both Lonna The Quilt Angel and Carlton The Doorman think that this week both Denny Hamlin and Joe Gibbs Racing will break out of the season long slump and drive into Victory Lane.

Lastly, Jim, aka Chiefy and Edie The Las Vegas Super Star are betting the motorhome, and the farm, that “Blazingly Bad” Brad Keselowski will drive his Team Penske Ford into Victory Lane.

Then we have three players who are playing the field and hoping that their independent picks will trump the favorites and win.  You could read that they are in bidnez for themselves!

Good luck to all this weekend.

Look real hard and you just might see me on TV around the race track snapping photos to used later on this site, as well as!


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