Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
Well, the holidays have come and gone.  It is 2018 and January is now also in the rearview.  This weekend is Super Bowl weekend, and that can only mean that the Daytona 500 is just two Sundays away.

Where did the offseason go?

David The Mudslinging Throttle Jockey loaded up his midgets (race cars, not little people), braved the cold (even in the cab of his truck), hauled the trailer through the ice, sleet, snow, and generally crappy weather, and migrated back to Tulsa, OK for the 2018 Chili Bowl!

I know that Doug The Gandy Candy Man spent his big winnings down under this winter crewing on a sprinter, sightseeing, and possibly sipping a little Aussie hops and barley during his south of the equator visit!

I would have gladly traded places with the ol Candy Man!  The last time I was in Australia, Sydney in particular, was the summer of 1979 (that was many years before Bryan Adams sang about the Summer of 69) when this old man was a young bulletproof Air Force Captain flying a C-141 Starlifter out of Travis AFB, CA.  Instead, I spent two months in Fresno at my oldest son’s place, Jason The Latent Tie Dye Hippie and All-Around Edgy Dude, recuperating from a little orthopedic work on my feet.  It was time to get the “wheels” tuned up, aligned, and ready for Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Sonoma NASCAR races this year, as well as some great sprint car races during my summer jaunt up to and return from the Oregon Coast.

As has been the case for the last decade, I am looking forward to NASCAR’s traveling circus pulling out of Atlanta and heading out to “The Left Coast” for most of the month of March!

When NASCAR arrives in Las Vegas “The West Coast Swing” will be “The Left Coast’s” first look at all three touring series, NCWTS, NXS, and MENCS up close and personal for 2018.  NCWTS, NXS, and MENCS will be in Las Vegas this year!  Furthermore, Vegas will have two races, March and September, with all three series racing each time!  After Vegas it is off to Phoenix, culminating in a weekend visit to the LA basin, Fontana to be exact.

The time is drawing near for the fun to begin!  I am already packed up, the Sequoia is gassed up, and the map is up on the dash!

How bad do you have it?  Let’s get this season rocking!

I will leave you with the words of the high brow, eclectic, and classic philosophers, Kenny Alphin and John Rich, aka Big and Rich.

These ain’t no Hollywoods
And these hills ain’t Beverly
Ain’t no beaches on these backroads
No sunset on the boulevard
She’s in love with California
And breakin’ my heart


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