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This weekend NASCAR makes its annual July return to where the season starts, Daytona International Speedway.  The July race is vastly different from the February race in many ways.  In February the temps can be extremely cold or moderately warm, with cool to moderately warm track temps with a very high grip level.  The July race will have high daytime temps, high humidity, high track temps and a slick race track.


Our Daytona Selections


This week we have two drivers that have a rooting section of four players each.

Alphabetically the first of those two drivers to discuss is Kurt BuschJerry The Buschwacker, Jim, aka Chiefy, Bernie The Bay Area Bandit, as well as Bobby Blue Crush, will be voicing their exuberance for the elder Busch Brother, formally known as “The Outlaw”.

The players who are backing Logano’s attempt to add a July Daytona victory to his resume are Carole, aka Rudy, Snoopy Dawn, Amber The Cheddar Head, as well as Dan the Numbers Cruncher.  These four players could really use a shot in the arm by Logano driving his hot rod into Victory Lane Saturday evening!

There are four drivers that have a pair of players cheering them on this week at Daytona.

Doug The Mongoose and Leon Your Most Humble Sheriff are getting very creative in their selection for Daytona,  Both players are backing Aric Almirola this week.  Apparently, both players are thinking that Almirola can duplicate his very strong and a near-win performance back in February.  Almirola was just about a half mile short of the start-finish line when Austin Dillon drop-kicked him into the fence to take the win away.

Next, the pair of Lindas, Linda B. The Cookie Mom and Linda R. The Lemonade Lefty, are gleefully supporting the Chicagoland winner, the junior Busch man, Kyle.  The pair of Lindas or, mathematically speaking, Linda squared would really love to see Rowdy go back-to-back and add another July Daytona victory to his resume!

Meanwhile, the Knapp sisters, Karen The Highly Opinionated Southern Belle and Kathy The Church Forecloser are putting all their marbles into Chase Elliott’s marble bag this week.  Both are hoping to see young William Clyde Elliott, Jr. drive his hot rod into Victory Lane, celebrate his first Cup victory, have the siren atop the Dawsonville pool hall activated, and let everyone know that he has arrived on the Cup scene!

Lastly, Zee, aka Sissy and Jeremy the Coach are banding together to root on the surging Martin Truex, Jr. on to victory this week.

That leaves six players this week that is in bidnez for themselves!

This week at Daytona, the plate racing is such that you can’t lift out of the gas, you can’t cut anyone any slack, and you most definitely can’t back down!


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