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This week NASCAR rolls into the most historic racing venue in the good ol US of A, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  In addition to dealing with all the iconic history of this racing facility, the competitors will be making one last effort to punch their ticket into the Playoffs, which begins the following week after Indy.  For those drivers and teams that are outside the top sixteen (16) players in points, these are desperate times and they are desperate men!


Our Indy Picks


Nearly one-quarter of The Redneck Fantasy League, five players in total, are banding together supporting a former Cup champion this week at Indy.  Linda R. The Lemonade Lefty, David The Mudslinging Throttle Jockey, Zee, aka Sissy, Ol skid-Marc, as well as Doug The Gandy Candy Man are cheering and rooting for Kyle Busch at this historic venue.

Another driver with a large contingent of rooters this week is Kevin Harvick.  Four players, Karen The Highly Opinionated Southern Belle, Bernie The Bay Area Bandit, Jeremy The Coach, and Dan The Numbers Cruncher.  

Meanwhile, Kilimanjaro Bobby, Snoopy Dawn, as well as Jim, aka Chiefy are of the same opinion, that “Blazingly Bad” Brad Keselowski will hoist the trophy Sunday evening at Indy.

With equal support is the soon-to-be-unemployed Martin Truex, Jr.  The three players rooting for Truex this week are Lonna The Quilt Angel, Edie The Las Vegas Super Star, and Linda B. the Cookie Mom.

There are three drivers with two players each in their rooting section. Carlton The Doorman is teaming with Kathy The Church Forecloser at Indy in their support for “Young Money”, the Elk Grove, CA, native, Kyle Larson.

A&M Aggie Sue and Leon Your Most Humble Sheriff are hoping that Joey Logano can, in the words of the late sprint car racer, Bryan Clauson, “Park It”!  Both players are hoping to drop a big number into their 3rd segment totals to give them a big shot in the arm early in the segment!

Lastly, Jerry The Buschwacker and Carol, aka Rudy are giving moral support to another driver that may be in the unemployment line, and or may be changing employers at the end of this season, Kurt Busch.

After scrutinizing this week’s picks it may be the first time that we have only one “independent thinker” for the week.  Usually, there are a few, but this week it is just Amber “The Cheddar Head” that is in bidnez all by her lonesome self in her Indy choice!

Good luck to all!

Just remember that desperate people do desperate things in desperate times!


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