Ryan Newman

This week, after tallying up the support for the drivers, we have a really weird thing happening. We have 18 players this year in the fantasy league, but only six of the players, one third of the fantasy league, are teamed up with three drivers. That leaves 12 players or two thirds of the fantasy league that are individual thinkers!

In the ten plus years that I have been running this fantasy league I have never seen the independent thinkers out number the those who are supporting certain drivers!


Alphabetically speaking, the first driver to talk about this week is Clint Bowyer. Bowyer has the full support of both Carole, aka Rudy, and Carlton The Doorman. Both Rudy and The Doorman are hoping that Bowyer can punch his ticket to the Playoffs this week at Martinsville.

However, Jeremy The Coach and Dan The Numbers Cruncher are hoping to play the spoiler this week. Both The Coach and The Numbers Dude would love to see “Blazingly Bad” Brad Keselowski drive his hot rod into Victory Lane when the race concludes.

Lastly, Lonna The Quilt Angel and Amber the Extremely Lucky Cheddar Head will be riding shotgun with Ryan “No Neck” Newman. And they too would live to pocket a big number into their totals after Martinsville.

With the way the chips have fallen this week, it would appear that this could be the week whereby some of these individual thinkers– 12 in total– who we all know are really in bidnez for themselves, could make huge leaps up or down in the leaderboard, when it is all said and done.

After racing at large tracks for the first five races of the season NASCAR now transitions to the smallest race track on the schedule, Martinsville Speedway. One of the things that we traditionally see at “the bullrings” of NASCAR seems to be that fact that occasionally tempers flare, egos get bruised, and/or noses get flattened. So as NASCAR rolls into these short tracks I alway caution the crew members to check their egos and weapons at the pit gate!


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