Kurt Busch

This week the haulers, once again, make the long cross country tote to the West Coast, and in particular to the Wine Country in what could be arguably the prettiest part of these United States! (I am a little prejudiced because I am a native son of California, and was once part of these fruits and nuts that live there! LOL!). The Wine Country (Napa, Sonoma, and Mendicino counties) is, in my mind, one of the beauties of this diversified state!


Kurt Busch has been just slightly under the radar since moving over to Jamie McMurray’s former ride at Chip Ganassi Racing this year. That doesn’t mean that he has not been quietly marching forward and wrestling with he big dogs each and every week. In fact, KuBu has been letting the big dog eat each time he has unloaded off of the hauler. It has just taken a few of the players a while to realize that, even though Kurt has finally found a way to silence the Busch mouth and ‘tude, he still has the competitive fire burning in his belly.

This week Carole, aka Rudy, Lonna the Quilt Angel, and Bobby Blue Crush are solidly behind the above mentioned Busch brother as he tries to secure a spot into the Playoffs with a win at the former Sears Point Raceway that majestically overlooks the San Francisco Bay’s northern shore.

Meanwhile, we have four drivers that has a rooting section of two players fervently cheering for their man at Sonoma. Linda R. the Lemonade Lefty and our resident accountant, Dan The Numbers Cruncher, are jumping on the Aric Almirola bandwagon this week. Both players must have some inkling that Almirola will bust out, smoke the competitors, and punch his ticket to the Playoffs with a victory at this winding road course.

However, Snoopy Dawn and Leon Your Most Humble Sheriff have a much different outlook for when the checkered flag waves. These two individuals are of the opinion that it is Clint Bowyer’s week to prove to the select few that he can turn left and right and bang the gear box as good as “the big three” can this week!

Notwithstanding of the previous opinions, Jim, aka Chiefy, and Carlton The Doorman have an entirely different outlook for Sunday. Both players apparently have a warm and fuzzy feeling that Freaky Fast Kevin Harvick will secure his first victory of the 2019 season, and thereby pave his way to the Playoffs.

Lastly, Edie The Las Vegas Super Star and Karen The Highly Opinionated Southern Belle are joining forces to support Martin Truex, Jr. this week. Could Truex, add another Sonoma victory to his resume this week?

For those counting the above mentioned players you will note that there were eleven players who were either talked about, harassed, or made fun of over their picks! That leaves seven players who, for some strange reason, decided that this was the week to express their independence, which could only mean that they are completely and udderly in bidnez for themselves.


“she’s in love with California
And that west coast sunshine dream
These ain’t no Hollywoods
And these hills ain’t Beverly
There ain’t no beaches on these backroads
No sunset on the boulevard”

Good luck to all!

FYI: By the time you all read this post I will be setting up at the Santa Rosa Fairgrounds in preparation for my weekend at the Sonoma race! I should have some really cool photos to use from there for the rest of the summer’s posts! (Who knows, if you look really hard you may see Your Most Humble Sheriff stomping around the facility looking for “the right photo shot”! LOL!)


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