Chase Elliott

This week the haulers make a run back out to the midwest, to Joliet IL. But more specifically to Chicagoland Speedway for some high speed mile and half, haul the mail, kind of racing!


This week we have a really unusual setup. The choices are really different looking, from a stats viewpoint. Ten players have banded with at least one other player, while eight players are touting their independence this week.

Our players have selected to Jr’s, MTJ (Martin Truex, Jr.) and William Clyde Elliott, Jr. (Chase Elliott) as the co favorites.

It seems that Carlton The Doorman, Linda R. The Lemonade Lefty, and Wild Bill the Pretzel Man have banded together to see if there is any truth in the rumor that there are power in numbers. These three players are holding together the Chase Elliott cheering club this week.

Meanwhile, Kathy The Church Forecloser, Amber The Extremely Lucky Cheddar Head and Bobby Blue Crush are hoping that Martin Truex, Jr. can keep his Mojo together for one more week and give them each a race victory!

Both Karen The Highly Opinionated Southern Belle and Leon Your Most Humble Sheriff are holding hands and praying to God that The Delivernator, Denny Hamlin, can deliver a victory to them this week!

But Carole, aka Rudy, and Bernie The Bay Area Bandit have a much different view on the outcome of the race at Chicagoland. These two ladies are rooting for Kevin Harvick to secure his first victory of 2019!

Remember I mentioned at the top of this post that there were eight players touting their independence? Well, that was just another way of stating that those individuals were really in bidnez for themselves this week!

Good luck to all this week!


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