Denny Hamlin

This week the NASCAR haulers return for the second race in the Irish Hills of Michigan, at the Michigan International Speedway. The NASCAR season is in its final throngs prior to cranking up the playoffs. This is the time of the season where, each Sunday the pretenders and the contenders get weeded out. It is the time of the season that defines, these last four races of the regular season, who has their stuff neatly all packed into one sock, not scattered hither, tither, and yawn!


This week there is a trio that will be hanging with The Delivernator, Denny Hamlin at MIS. That trio consists of Jim, aka Chiefy, Dan the Numbers Cruncher, as well as Wild Bill The Pretzel Man. All three men are hoping that Hamlin can keep the heep good mojo working for him, drive his hot rod up into Victory Lane, and hoist the hardware when the day is done.

There are three drivers that have two players each in their hip pocket at Michigan.

Linda B. The Cookie Mom and Jeremy The Coach are banding together for a driver who is running just slightly under the radar, Aric Almirola.

Meanwhile, Kathy The Church Forecloser and Edie The Las Vegas Super Star are rooting in tandem for Easy Money, Kyle Larson.

Lastly, Snoopy Dawn and Carlton The Doorman are pulling on the same end of the rope and hoping that Martin Truex, Jr. can increase his MIS finish this week by one position over his Watkins Glen finish.

This week we have half of the fantasy league, nine players in total, that are arrogantly in bidnez for themselves!

As I mentioned at the opening of this post, we are now at the time of the season for a few of the teams to decide if they are contenders or pretenders. It is the time of the year and season for the cream to rise to the top.

Likewise, it is the time of the segment for those players to see if their remaining two race choices will elevate them into the money status, a podium finish, if you will.

It is time to see if you ” have a ticket to ride”!

Good luck to all!


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