Kurt Busch

Where did the time go?

I find myself lamenting this fact more and more as I climb up the age pylon! Didn’t I just graduate from high school? Oh no that was in 1969, (and my 50th reunion is in Sept). Well, surely I just graduated from college! No, that was 1973. Well I must have just have gotten out of the Air Force! No that was 1979. Well, surely it wasn’t that long ago that my grandson, Cole, was born. Nope, he will be 17 in October!

Dang, I can’t be getting that old! Well, look in the mirror big boy, you will be 69 in February! Time keeps marching on!

Well, so it goes. With my above lament we are now starting the final segment of this NASCAR season. This is our last chance to gather up some of that Redneck money when the checkered flag falls at Homestead!

This week NASCAR rolls Southwest through the country and into that iconic facility in South Carolina, to The Track Too Tame, The Lady In Black, aka The Darlington Raceway, for the Southern 500.


To start off the third and final segment we are looking at one of NASCAR’s crown jewels, The Southern 500. So sports fans, it is time to put a little drive into your country!

There are two drivers with a rooting section of three players each. Leading off the discussion this week is the trio who are hanging tough with the driver formally known as “The Outlaw”, aka Kurt Busch. Those three players who will be cheering for KuBu are Jeremy The Coach, Linda B. The Cookie Mom, and Leon Your Most Humble Sheriff.

Also sharing three players at Darlington is Sliced Bread! Those players who will be riding shotgun with Joey Logano are Carlton The Doorman, Linda R. The Lemonade Lefty, as well as Dan The Numbers Cruncher.

Additionally, there are three drivers with a cheering section of two players each. This week Lonna The Quilt Angel and Bernie The Bay Area Bandit are teaming up to support Chase Elliott. Both players are hoping to rocket to the top of the scoring pylon and start off this segment with maximum points.

Likewise, Snoopy Dawn and Carole, aka Rudy would love to start off this segment at the top of the leaderboard. These two ladies have banded together to root on The Delivernator, aka Denny Hamlin hoping to collect another checkered flag.

Rounding out the choices for this race is another duo of Edie The Las Vegas Super Star and Amber The Extremely Lucky Cheddar Head who will be a big Erik Jones booster at Darlington.

Good luck to all!


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