Chase Elliott

As the 2019 NASCAR season begins to wind down and the haulers make their final trip to the heartland of America a funny phenomena is occurring this week in The Redneck Fantasy League, there are more independent thinkers than there are team players for Kansas! I believe that is a first for the fantasy league!


Leading off our short discussion this week will be three players who have finally jumped on the William Clyde Elliott, Jr. bandwagon in this segment. You see Snoopy Dawn, Carlton The Doorman, and Linda R. The Lemonade Lefty held onto their Chase Elliott card for as long as they thought feasible, and are finally throwing down their collective gauntlet this week! Was it in the nick of time, or was it just a little too late? The answer will come when the checkered flag flies at Kansas.

Both Linda B. The Cookie Mom and Dan The Numbers Cruncher are thinking subconsciously that the homeboy, Clint Bowyer, will shine in front of all of his homies! Will it be Bowyer’s swan song in front of his friends and family with Stewart-Haas Racing? Can Clint pull off a huge victory at his home track? If so will the partying stop in time for Bowyer to make the race at Martinsville?

Finally, will Jim, aka Chiefy and Kathy The Church Forecloser be toasting their driver this week, Sliced Bread? Both Chiefy and The Church Forecloser could really use a max points weekend prior to this segment closing out! Additionally, Joey Logano could really use a big rebound after Talladega in this round of 12 competition, as well!

As I mentioned in the opening paragraph of this post there is a weird happening this week. There are only seven players who have banded together to back a certain driver. That is an extremely low number for our weekly picks. Conversely, there are nine players who have expressed their own independence this week and are definitely in bidnez for themselves! That, too, is a very odd occurrence, as well. The independent weekly thinkers is usually a much smaller number. Could it be that the players ran out of airspace, altitude, talent, and ideas all at the same time following Talladega?

If so, the solution may be to add full power, relax a little back pressure on the yoke, and it will fly out of this high speed stall with minimum altitude loss!

Good luck to all this week at Kansas!


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