Kevin Harvick
Harvick throttles up off of turn #4 at LVMS

It was a very long ten weeks since last those engines were signing the eight part harmony at Phoenix. I am speaking for myself but I think most of us had way too much time on our hands during that time period!

But fear not race fans, today NASCAR restarted the race season with a 400 mile race at “the track too tough to tame”, Darlington Raceway. In just three days from today NASCAR will return for a Wednesday night race at “The Lady In Black”! For the next four weeks NASCAR is engaging in some very aggressive race plans that is destined to put a huge strain on the race teams back at the shop. Nonetheless, the fire hose has been turned on and we are going to attempt to drink from it at full blast!

Kevin Harvick won The Real Heroes 400 at Darlington Raceway, as the NASCAR Cup Series resumed its 2020 season Sunday after the COVID-19 outbreak paused its schedule.

The driver of the No. 4 Stewart-Haas Racing Ford led a race-high 159 laps of the 293-lap event around the 1.366-mile egg-shaped oval in South Carolina — that’s more than half the race. Harvick brought the field to green after a late-race caution led to a restart. He and Alex Bowman had a hard-fought, side-by-side battle for the lead, which Harvick held on to all the way through the checkered flag.


After a long lonely layoff none of our illustrious players selected today’s race winner, Kevin Harvick. Therefore this award goes back into the closet till Wednesday when it just may come out of the closet again!


A third of the players, four in total, was riding with, and rooting for, Blazingly Bad Brad Keslowski at Darlington. Those four players are Dan The Numbers Dude, Amber The Extremely Lucky Cheddar Head, Snoopy Dawn, and of course Leon Your Most Humble Sheriff. For their loyalty to Bad Brad he rewarded them with 40 big points!

Also having a very nice return to the race track is Bernie The Bay Area Bandit. La Bandita (I am a bilingual mofo) was the only player bold enough to stow away with Chase Elliott in his Napa Chevy Camaro today. For her brazen stalking she left the race track with 34 points to add to her totals.

Another third of our fantasy league, four players, took home a respectable 30 points when the checkered flag waved. Even though all four scored the exact same score, 30 points, they received those points from two different drivers. Carlton The Doorman and Carole, aka Rudy, received their points from that Jones boy, aka Erik. While Jim, aka Chiefy, and Edie The Las Vegs Super Star was hanging with Clint Bowyer all day.

Rounding our the movers and the shakers this week is Jeremy The Coach and Linda The Cookie Mom who was all in Matt Kenseth. For their effort they were rewarded with 27 points, as the Sun was setting in Darlington.

Since this part of the schedule is strange, weird and hard to explain, just roll with the punches and we will get through this. But to make a long story short this race is scored in the 2nd segment of our season. After the last Charlotte race we will be racing races that are listed back on the 1st segment. So just roll with the punches and it will all come out in the wash!


This week The Crappiest Picks of The Week Award will be shared by two players who really had a decent race. Both Jeremy The Coach and Linda The Cookie Mom scored 27 points, and on any given week that would be a medium score very safe from securing this prestigious award. However, this week 27 points did not save them!

As previously mentioned Cup returns to Darlington again on Wednesday evening for a 500k race. For those of us who only speak miles, that is equivalent to 312 miles.


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