Kevin Harvick, Chase Elliott, Ricky Stenhouse, Jr., Kyle Busch, Alex Bowman, Kyle Larson & Erik Jones
Harvick leads Bowman to the green flag at PIR

This will close out the busiest week in NASCAR in recent memory! In light of the nine week lockdown, NASCAR has thrust itself back into the limelight with a vigor that I have never recalled seeing in my 69 years. What would traditionally be a weekend that all of NASCAR would be sharing with the premier racing event on the globe, The Indy 500, instead NASCAR gets to soak up all the spotlight this weekend.


This week the fantasy league has formulated into three distinct groups. Two of the drivers have a robust cheering section, and the other driver has a tandem of support. It appears that the lockdown has unleashed the Kevin Harvick supporters early in the return to racing. Carole, aka Rudy, Amber The Extremely Lucky Cheddar Head, as well as Bernie The Bay Area Bandit are pooling their knowledge and talent as bookies to select “The Closer” as their favorite to win the second go around at Charlotte.

However, the love for Bowman The Showman exudes this week from within. Could it be that his newly signed contract extension with Hendrick Motorsports made believers out of Snoopy Dawn, Carlton The Doorman, and Linda The Cookie Mom? Or could it be that these players are still suffering ill affects from the nine week lockdown? Time will only tell.

Rounding out this monologue of hyperbole would be the discussion of the choice of both Jim, aka Chiefy, and his sidekick Edie The Las Vegas Super Star. Both of these shady characters are backing “the senior citizen” of the circuit, the recently plucked from the life a leisure retirement, Matt Kenseth. Could this be the day that Kenseth taxis his hot rod into Victory Lane and hoists up the hardware? Matter of factly, can he even still lift up the hardware?

If he is successful at doing that what signal would it send to those young whipper-snappers in the series? It just seems like Kenseth just never really ever goes away. Maybe we should just prop him up beside the the race car or the jukebox if he dies!!!

Once again doing the math, that leaves three (3) players who are totally and undeniably in bidnez for themselves!

Good luck to all!


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