Joey Logano
Joey burns it down. at Vegas

Since the fantasy league has shrunk we have, from time to time, a really weird occurence. For the second race since NASCAR has reinstated racing we only have two players that have the same selection for a race!

This week Snoopy Dawn and Edie The Las Vegas Super Star are the only players sharing a driver for the race! More than likely the accompanying photo gives away their choice of “Sliced Bread”, aka Joey Logano.

That leaves nine players, slightly more than two-thirds of the fantasy league, that are totally in bidnez for themselves! It is such a strange coincidence to begin with, but even stranger that it has happened twice in the last three weeks.

With the rest of the fantasy league all over the board for their choices for Sunday, this gives players the possibility to either smoke the rest of the fantasy league with excellent choices, or it may be an expedited trip to The Outhouse! It will be very interesting to see which way the movement goes on Sunday.

Good luck to all at Homestead!


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