Ross Chastain & William Byron

Even though there were two more races on the 1st segment page, this looks like it may be the last race for that segment. But not knowing for sure yet I will not declare a winner of the first segment for a week or so, until I am sure that NASCAR will not make it to Richmond or Dover. But it appears that this race may conclude the 1st segment races.


This appears to be another race whereby several of our players can make up some much needed ground on our leader, The Extremely Lucky Cheddar. Not that I am sowing discontent, or wishing her bad luck, but this might be the week that someone can make a run to the top! After all, it is every man and woman for themselves!!!

Talladega brings us the tradition of great pack racing, of a chess game played at 200 miles an hour, of trying to find a “dance partner” who can help you get to the front of the pack, of pit strategies to position yourself near the front for that final run to the checkered flag!

With all that in mind this week we have two drivers that have amassed a huge rooting section! Amber The Extremely Lucky Cheddar Head, Jim, aka Chiefy, as well as Jeremy The Coach are all into YRB this week. I am sure that they are hopeful that Young Ryan Blaney can take it up one more level from his race last week in Homestead, and hoist the hardware at Talladega!

Likewise, Linda The Cookie Mom and Bernie The Bay Area Bandit have a similar view for their driver, “Rocket Man”. Both ladies must be thinking that this is the time that Ryan Newman can grab a win, considering he was within 600 feet of winning the Daytona 500 when “all hell broke loose” for him in February!

However, there are six (6) players who have equally strong opinions about their particular drivers this week. I am sure that each of them are thinking that this is the week that I smoke all of my competitors and blast up the scoring pylon like a SaturnV rocket!

Well Sunday afternoon we shall see which of our players strategies and picks works out best!

Good luck to all!


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