Joey Logano, Jimmie Johnson, Kurt Busch & Kyle Busch

As the dog days of the summer approach us, and the NASCAR schedule is slowly returning to the regular schedule the hauler will be pulling into the Sparta, KY, race track later this week!

For those who are not totally up on your geography and are thinking why would someone build a race track in Kentucky, Kentucky of all places? I will do my best to answer that question for you.

If you look at the map Sparta, KY lies just across the Ohio River from Southeastern Indiana, approximately 125 miles southeast of Indianapolis. Additionally, the race track lies about 42.4 miles to the southwest of downtown Cincinnati, OH, on I-71. So now you know that this track can service and draw from both of those metro areas.


For Kentucky this week we a really odd trio banding together in support of Sliced Bread! Those three individuals consist of Snoopy Dawn, Jeremy The Coach, and Bernie The Bay Area Bandit. Each of these three characters are all in for Joey Logano, and are truly hoping that Logano can deliver a big points day for each.

Meanwhile, Carlton The Doorman and Dan The Numbers Cruncher are rallying around ol KuBu this week. Both of these players are really hoping that Kurt Busch can get Chip Ganassi Racing over the 2020 hump, drive his hot rod into Victory lane, and hoist the hardware this weekend.

There are six players that are off on their own for Kentucky. With those six players in bidnez for themselves, it may be a good week for those same individuals to make some large gains on some of our compadres that was lost over the last few races.

Good luck to all!


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