Martin Truex, Jr. & Erik Jones
Truex and Jones exit turn #4 at Phoenix

This week poses another logistic problem for the Cup haulers. On Wednesday night they will be parked in the infield of “The World’s Fastest Half Mile”, aka Bristol Motor Speedway for the All-Star race. Then they will have to load up and “haul the mail” back to their Charlotte shops to drop off the “All-Star cars”, pick up the Texas cars, and get those diesels humming all the way down to the outskirts of Fort Worth, TX for the weekend’s race at the Texas Motor Speedway.


After having a couple of really ho-hum races over the past month, That Jones Boy has acquired two timely rooters for Texas. Both Snoopy Dawn and Leon Your Benevolent and Most Humble Sheriff are locking arms in unity for their support for the Michigander, Erik Jones. Both players are hoping to deposit some big numbers into their bucket Sunday.

Additionally, Carlton The Doorman and Carole, aka Rudy, are together in their undying support for Martin Truex, Jr. this weekend. These two players are hoping that MTJ can revive his mile and a half game and put a whoppin’ on the rest of the field Sunday, resulting in each player dropping a big number into their 1st segment scoring bucket.

Doing basic math in public, I have come up with seven (7) players who are campaigning this weekend totally on their own. Glossing over those seven different selections, it appears that many of those picks are reasonable and could catapult some of those who are in bidnez for themselves many spots up the scoring pylon! With that thought in mind, there could be a massive shakeup in the ranks when the checkered flag falls at Texas.

However, on closer scrutiny I noticed that Bernie The Bay Area Bandit has chosen Austin Dillon as her man for Texas. Austin Dillon for Texas!!!

Say it isn’t so?

Good luck to all!


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