Clint Bowyer

The Cup teams and their haulers unload their precious cargo in Kansas City, KS, for a rare Thursday night show this week. It is really interesting as to how the three traveling series align their respective shows at the Kansas Speedway this week.

The Cup Series leads off the weekly show with a Thursday night show at this Mid-America mile and a half race track.

The NXS Series will be running their traditional Saturday show to launch the field at 5pm EDT.

The Truck Series will run two races at Kansas this weekend. The first race will take the green flag Friday evening at 7 pm EDT. Then they will have about 18 hours to repair their hot rods before a 1:30 pm EDT Saturday afternoon green flag!


It is very interesting that one quarter of the fantasy league are jumping on board with the Emporia, KS, native, Clint Bowyer, this weekend. The three players that are banding together in support of Bowyer include Carlton The Doorman, Bernie The Bay Area Bandit, as well as Linda The Cookie Mom.

Do you think that these three players are getting some secretive info slipped to them covertly? Or are they just feeling sentimental towards the Kansas native this week? Well, I doubt that neither of these players will roll over on the others and sing loudly. So, I guess that we just have to use our imaginations this week!

Now Dan The Numbers Dude and Leon Your Most Humble Sheriff are putting their heads together and are fully backing Awesome Bill’s kid, William Clyde Elliott, Jr. Both of this dudes are really feeling good about their support of Chase this week. One of the main reasons is because the Dawsonville Junior Dude has come back from the COVID delay hotter than the Georgia asphalt, and has been in contention for several wins over the past few weeks.

Lastly, Jim, aka Chiefy and Edie The Las Vegas Super Star are closing ranks, putting all their chips in, and betting the farm on Freaky Fast Kevin Harvick.

After taking off my shoes to do math in public, we have four players who are way out on their own limbs and definitely in bidnez for themselves.

Good luck to all!


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