Clint Bowyer

This has been a very interesting and challenging NASCAR season! The challenges that it has posed to The Redneck Fantasy League and the administrator of TRFL, yours truly, has been both a challenge, a chore, a creative nightmare, and “a holy shit what I am I gonna do” scramble! But somehow we all have trudged through this really huge learning experience that COVID has posed to this fantasy league, as well as to our lives in general.

This week I am getting creative and will incorporate the choices for both Michigan I and Michigan II races in the traditional Wednesday weekend preview post.


The Michigan I race pretty much reflects the tumultuous times that we live in currently! There are only two players who have joined forces in driver selection for this race. Oddly enough it is the husband-wife duo of Snoopy Dawn and Carlton The Doorman. This race, Michigan I, Snoopy and The Doorman are both riding tall with the New Hampshire race winner, Brad Keselowski. They obviously are hoping that Bad Brad can pull off back-to-back- victories this week!

The rest of the the fantasy league are out hither, tither, and yawn with their choices! This is one of those races that happen far and few between this season where almost the entire fantasy league has gone rouge. There are nine different choices for the remaining nine players. This kind of independence could be the makings for a breakout race for some or many of the players. A rare opportunity to make up ground on Amber The Extremely Lucky Cheddar Head’s lead!


The choices for the second Michigan race resembles our more regular weekend choices.

For Michigan II there is a motley crew of three players who are as diverse in their backgrounds as they are diverse in their age composition. That trio consists of Jim, aka Chiefy, Jeremy The Coach, and Amber The Extremely Lucky Cheddar Head. All three are onboard with Missouri native, Clint Bowyer.

Two drivers have a rooting section of two players at Michigan II. Linda The Cookie Mom and Bernie The Bay Area Bandit are joining forces in their support for YRB. If last weekend was any indication Young Ryan Blaney ran strong and was in the hunt early in the race.

Lastly, Dan the Numbers Dude and Leon Your Benevolent and Most Humble Sheriff are solidly together in their support for Blazingly Bad Brad Keselowski, and are hoping that he can put some drive in the Irish Hills country of Michigan. The question is can Kes back up his victory at Loudon with a victory in The Irish Hills of Michigan? That answer will be delivered when the rag falls at the end of the Consumers Energy 400 Sunday.

Good luck to all!


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