Denny Hamlin, Ryan Blaney & Kyle Larson

Well the summer days are beginning to wane, but everyday the Sun keeps popping up in the East, despite of all the bad news of COVID and all the destructive fires from the mountains in my home state of CA. If ain’t one thing, it is another!

But “every day gets a little stronger, every day gets a little longer”!


This week the Cup Series rolls into a short track that, at times, races like an intermediate track. Richmond Raceway is a lightening fast 3/4 mile track that has always produced some excellent racing! For those who may not be familiar iwith the history of this facility I suggest that you click on the link provided in the previous sentence and brush up on your racing facility knowledge.

The driver with the most support from the fantasy league this week is one of the two drivers who have been dominating the series since the return to racing in May is The Delivernator, Denny Hamlin.

Almost half of the entire fantasy league has jumped onboard with Hamlin at his home track, Richmond Raceway. The five players who are hoping that Hamlin can put another notch in his belt this week include Jeremy The Coach, Snoopy Dawn, Carlton The Doorman, Edie The Las Vegas Super Star, and Dan The Numbers Dude. With that many players riding the Hamlin wave for Richmond, it could mark either a glorious surge for those five players, or it could mark a dismal plunge in their fortunes! Shake ’em up and roll the bones!

Two players are jumping on the Joey Logano bandwagon at Richmond. Those two players who are banking on Sliced Bread driving his hot rod into Victory Lane are Carole, aka Rudy, and Leon Your Most Humble Sheriff.

After doing my first grade math problem that leaves me with the subtraction answer of four players who are exemplifying their independence at Richmond. Those four private players exercising their own ideas for Richmond are Amber The Extremely Lucky Cheddar Head, Jim, aka Chiefy, Bernie The Bay Area Bandit, and Linda The Cookie Mom.

Good luck to all this week at Richmond!


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