Clint Bowyer

This week NASCAR travels West-Northwest from Charlotte to the border of Tennessee and Virginia to a small hamlet that straddles that border, Bristol. The night race at Bristol is one of the highlights of the Cup season each and every year. Along with great short-track racing Bristol Motor Speedway cultivates some elevated tempers, a few bruised egos, and occasionally a left hook or a right cross flies freely. In the past there has been talk of doing a stop and frisk at the pit gate to remove any unnecessary weapons and to also check their feelings at the gate!


After previewing our Bristol selections we have two drivers that stands out this week. The biggest gathering of driver support is the widely divergent trio consisting of Snoopy Dawn, Dan The Numbers Cruncher, and Leon Your Most Humble Sheriff. All three players have banded together to put their collective mojo behind the Emporia, KS funny man, Clint Bowyer. It must their desire to see if that ol Bowyer can pull out one last victory before he is likely put out to pasture at seasons end.

Meanwhile, Jeremy The Coach and Amber The Extremely Lucky Cheddar Head are putting all their marbles into the marble sack of ol Rowdy. Both players would really like to think that this week is the week that ol Whiny Kyle Busch will drive his hot rod into Victory lane and hoist the hardware.

That leaves slightly more than half of the fantasy league, six players in total, that are expressing their individuality at Bristol. It would appear that those players are really puffing up their chests in hopes that their choice will lead the field to the checkered flag, burn it down, and limp his hot rod on into Victory Lane, all the while leapfrogging most of the rest of the fantasy league in one giant hop!

Then Saturday night there will be a few drivers, and a few of the fantasy league players, that just want to get the heck out of The Last Colosseum with whatever dignity that they have left! In other words, “just tell me when it is over”!

Good luck to all!


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