Aric Almirola

Well, we have made it to the middle of the Round of 12 and the pressure is beginning to mount! For the drivers who are now below the cutoff line for the Round of Eight, there is now a big need for them to pull something out of thin air. This Sunday, when the drivers fire up those earth shaking gas guzzlers, it will not take long until you will begin to see a little smoke seeping out of the drivers window! For some drivers as soon as the green flag falls the drivers below the cutoff line will be busy trying to develop a plan to get to the front of the back and then to try to remain at the front til the checkered flag falls.

Now is time for them to do something extraordinary, to pull that proverbial rabbit out of their helmet!

But for this ultimate wild card playoff race, Talladega should produce high anxiety in the last fifty (50) laps of racing! Having attended four ‘Dega races I can tell you that this venue is second to none when it comes to excitement and suspense!


The Talladega choices are all over the board from the normal favorites to a couple of “dark horse” choices!

One fourth of the fantasy league, three players, are riding high this weekend with a former Talladega winner, Aric Almirola. Those three players, Snoopy Dawn, Dan The Numbers Cruncher, as well as Leon The Part-Time Cardiologist, Strawberry Picker, as well as Your Most Humble and Benevolent Sheriff, are feeling confident that Almirola knows his way to Victory lane at ‘Dega. All three players are betting the farm that Almirola can keep the sheet metal flowing in the original fabricated lines and will lead the field to the checkered flag!

Adding to foray this weekend is the choice of both Edie The Las Vegas Super Star and Bernie The Bay Area Bandit. Both ladies are staunchly behind William Clyde Elliott, II. this weekend. These ladies are hoping that this second generation driver can duplicate one of the feats that his dad, Awesome Bill From Dawsonville, was able to do back in the day. Awesome Bill came from one lap down to hoist the hardware in Victory Lane. All of that was accomplished without the aid of yellow flags and “the lucky dog”! He just flat drove by the entire field, unlapped himself, and then drove past the entire field again to take the lead and win the race! Could Chase drive his hot rod into Victory Lane Sunday? Stay tuned….

Now for the rest of the fantasy league. This week six players, Jeremy The Coach, Amber The Extremely Lucky Cheddar Head, Carlton The Doorman, Jim, aka Chiefy, Linda The Cookie Mom, and Carole, aka Rudy are out on their own individual limbs, and are in bidnez for themselves. I may add, that after closer scrutiny many of those branches are sturdy and solid, but there are a couple of branches that appear to be young, thin, wispy, and a little risky!

Good luck to all this weekend!


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