Denny Hamlin

NASCAR and all the associated race teams get to stay home and have a rare “home game” this weekend! The Cup drivers, once again, get to hone the road course skills with this race being conducted on the Charlotte ROVAL.

Well this week we have another weird race. The majority of the fantasy league are out on their own individual limbs when it comes to choosing race winners!


This week we have two players each teaming with their favorite driver for Charlotte! It seems that Snoopy Dawn and Jim, aka Chiefy, are pairing up to root on Chase Elliott. Obviously, they are hoping that Elliott can reproduce his 2019 ROVAL victory minus the crash on one of the restarts!

Likewise, Carole, aka Rudy, and Leon Your Benevolent and Most Humble Sheriff are banking heavily that The Delivernator, aka Denny Hamlin, can stick another winner’s decal above the drivers door.

Now there are seven players who have gotten creative and are showing their independence by being the only player to select their particular driver. This could be the weekend whereby some players may make huge strides to move up on the scoring pylon! Or conversely, it could be the week that a player “completely screws the pooch” and makes a huge run on The Outhouse!

All I can say to my driver is, ‘don’t let me down’!

FYI: For those who are anxiously awaiting any news and info regarding the possible covert activities relating to The Extremely Lucky Cheddar Head’s apparent butt kicking she is administrating to the rest of this fantasy league, some of the material is just trickling into the investigator’s office this week. However, the investigator is unable to comment on that information publicly at this particular juncture because it is still an active and ongoing investigation.

More to come in the future!

Good luck to all this weekend.


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