Kurt Busch

The 2020 race season is winding down to the last four races of the season and the haulers are following “the yellow brick road” to the land of Oz or Kansas, or something like that! Now that The Playoffs are in its final three races to separate the contenders from the pretenders before the championship race in PHX, the sledding gets a lot tougher!


The leading man in this weeks tally with slightly more than one third of the players, four players in total, solidly behind him has mostly been subterranean this year. That driver, who recently has been thrust onto the radar screen, is none other than the Monster Energy No. 1 Chip Ganassi Racing driver formally known as The Outlaw, who desires to be known these days by his given name of Kurt Busch. (He is trying to separate himself from his former girlfriend, who may be spending some time in an organized government facility, aka three hots and a cot, for fraud.). Those four players who are hoping that Kurt can drive his hot rod into Victory Lane, hoist the hardware, and punch his ticket to the Championship race at Phoenix include Snoopy Dawn, Carole, aka Rudy, Dan The Numbers Cruncher, and of course Leon Your Most Humble Sheriff.

In addition, this week there are two race car drivers with two supporters in their back pocket. Carlton The Doorman and Jim, aka Chiefy, are banding together to try to push Sliced Bread over the top and put him into The Playoff round. With the way that Joey Logano ran at Charlotte this could be the race that he takes it all and secures a spot at Phoenix.

Lastly, Jeremy The Coach and Edie The Las Vegas Super Star are combining their efforts in hopes that Erik Jones can pull off the victory, show Joe Gibbs that he has made a grave error in judgement, and entice one of the car owners with an available seat that “Erik is your man” for 2021!

Now that leaves three players, Amber The Extremely Cheddar Head, Bernie The Bay Area Bandit, and Linda The Cookie Mom to sit out on their lonely limbs, pray that their dude takes the checkered flag, kinda of doing his best Jim Morrison impersonation of Light My Fire, and rockets them up in the standings!

Good luck to all!


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