Jimmie Johnson & Joey Logano

This weekend the NASCAR haulers head down to the Northwest portion of the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex area, the Texas Motor Speedway.


As the title to this post reveals, both Mr. Seven-Time, Jimmie Johnson, and Sliced Bread, Joey Logano, seem to have a good following down there in the suburbs of Bid D this week! Each driver has a rooting section of three players for Texas Motor Speedway.

Jim, aka Chiefy, Edie The Las Vegas Super Star, and Linda The Cookie Mom are putting all their chips on the table this week for Mr. Seven-Time, the retiring Jimmie Johnson. They are certainly in hopes that he has one last victory in his helmet before he hangs that bad boy up.

Also gathering up three enthusiastic supporters for TMS is ol Sliced Bread. Joey Logano has garnered support from Snoopy Dawn, Dan The Numbers Cruncher, as well as Leon Your Most Humble (and sinking in the standings) Sheriff. Once again all three of these players could really use Sliced Bread to bust off another set of big numbers to aid at least one player’s late segment skid!

Rounding out the collective vote this week is Jeremy The Coach and Carlton The Doorman. Both dudes are putting all their marbles in the marble bag of Aric Almirola this week! Even though Almirola seems to operate just slightly below the radar sweep, it is quite possible that he could slither his way on into Victory Lane, when it is all said and done at Texas.

Now there are just three players, this week, who are out on their own individual limbs for the race. Those three players include 3rd segment leader, Amber The Extremely Lucky Cheddar Head, Bernie The Bay Area Bandit, as well as Carole, aka Rudy. All three ladies have rather good picks for Texas, and anyone of those players could put a whoppin’ on the rest of us this week! When it comes to The Cheddar Head, to say that she is extremely lucky is such an understatement, pardon me, but I have to play the part of Captain Obvious this week! Surely she won’t make us all look like a bunch of rookies again on Sunday!

So until Sunday afternoon I guess that I will just take a chill pill and sort of “take it easy”.

Good luck to all!


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