Ryan Blaney & Martin Trues, Jr.

With just two races left in the 2020 virus laden NASCAR season, the competition for the remaining fantasy league paydays is still very close! It appears that the results of the Martinsville Speedway race may produce an even tighter leaderboard, especially the way that our players have separated themselves out this week as being “independent thinkers”!


This may turn out to be the shortest post that I have ever written for this fantasy league! This week may resemble the old Three Stooges rallying cry, “all for one, one for all, and every man for himself!”

As the accompanying photo for this post would indicate, there is support for YRB this week. The players who are betting their individual farms this week on Young Ryan Blaney include Jeremy The Coach, Snoopy Dawn, as well as our resident accountant, Dan The Numbers Cruncher. All three players are betting that Blaney will play the role of Playoff spoiler at “the paperclip” in Virgina.

This week week we have eight, yep eight (8), players who are pounding their collective chests, each one thinks that they have selected their own race winner! For those eight players who are in bidnez for themselves that could be a boon, or conversely a bust. Nevertheless, this could be their big chance to make a run at the fantasy league leader, Amber The Extremely Lucky Cheddar Head, and evict her from her leadership position!

For those who haven’t looked, The Cheddar Head is betting the farm that Clint Bowyer will win at Martinsville. I am not one to wish disaster for any of our players, that would be way below me to do so, but what would it take for The Cheddar Head to have a bad race? (I am asking for a friend!!!)

For those of us who are sliding down the leadership pylon and things aren’t quite going our way try to remember the once great, and often misquoted world class philosopher, Sir Michael Philip Jagger.

Sir Mick has often stated that……

“You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, well, you might find, you get what you need”!

Some of us near the bottom of the leaderboard need a winner at Martinsville, in the worst way!

Good luck to all!


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