The Regular Season

1.  The 36 race season is broken down into three twelve race segments.

2.  In each twelve race segment, a player can only pick a driver once.

3.  A player will earn the points issued by NASCAR for the finish of his/her driver for that race.

4.  If your driver does not qualify for the race, the player will earn zero points.

5.  If, for some unforeseen reason, your driver is sick or hospitalized and unable to drive in the selected race, barring being suspended from NASCAR, the player will earn the points issued by NASCAR to that car.

6.  If your driver get suspended from NASCAR, and there is adequate time before the next race, then there may be a substitution allowed.

7.  Remember: NASCAR only awards points to drivers who choose to race for Sprint Cup points.  That means that some drivers that drive in both series will only be awarded points in the series that they choose to compete for the championship!

8.  PAYOFF: The top three finishers in each of the three segments will be rewarded with $$$$ only.  The last place finisher will be required to display “The Outhouse Award’ plaque by their TV for the following segment as a reward for their miserable picks!

The Championship Award

The player who scores the most total points in the three combined segments for the race season will be declared “The Redneck Fantasy League Champion”.  The Champion will be awarded the designated pot of money, as well as, the “Drive It Like You Stole It” plaque.  The plaque is to be displayed by his/her TV until the championship changes hands at the end of the following season.

The Outhouse Award

The Outhouse Award” is given out at the end of each segment to the player who scored the least amount of points, and exhibited a total lack of expertise in selecting winners for the previous segment.  The player is to take his/’her picture with “The Outhouse Award” in front of his/her TV. Additionally, that player must email that photo to me so that I can put it up on the web site’s “Hall of Shame” page.

The Playoffs

1.  Each player will list, in order 1-4, how he/she feels the final four drivers will finish the season in points.

2.  In case of more than one player choosing the same driver to win the championship, the player who has the correct order of finishing (drivers in positions 1-4) will be declared the winner.

3.  If there is more than one player who correctly lists the Playoff finishing order, 1-4, then the tiebreaker would be to examine the tied player’s Homestead race picks. The player whose Homestead pick finishes the highest in that race would be the tiebreaker, and the winner of The Playoff.  If the tied players both had the same pick at Homestead, then the tiebreaker would be to check out their Phoenix picks to see which one had a higher finishing pick in that race.  If the players are still tied the we look at the next previous race, Texas, to see, and so forth until the tie is settled.

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