2017n Champion A&M Aggie Sue

We have added another Champion to our Redneck Hall of Fame!  This year A&M Aggie Sue took us all out back to the wood shed and gave us an old fashioned whoopin’!  After inspecting the photo of our current champion you will now see why the nickname was issued to her and became known as A&M Aggie Sue!

I would ask you to observe the three champions that we have installed into the Redneck Hall of Fame.  What is the one thing that these three all have in common?  They are all of the female gender!

So far in three years of installing a champion in The Redneck Fantasy League, we have not had a single male score the most points for the season!!  Is that a coincidence?  Nevertheless, we have another well deserved player adorning the Redneck Hall of Fame!




Edits The Las Vegas Superstar

Does the phrase “from the outhouse to the penthouse” ring a bell to anyone? Well it definitely rings a bell when talking about Edie The Las Vegas Superstar.

At the end of the 2014 season, in particular the 3rd segment, the Las Vegas Superstar won the 3rd Segment Outhouse Award.  In fact, Edie had scored the least amount of points for the entire 2014 season!

Fast forward to the 2015 season, the Las Vegas Superstar scored the most points of any player in this fantasy league!  Talk about a turn around, that was one heck of a fete!

So far Edie The Las Vegas Superstar stand in rarified air within The Redneck Fantasy League.  She is the only player to have her likeness in both The Redneck Outhouse Hall of Shame, as well as The Redneck Hall of Fame!




Dawn Lutz

Well race fans we have our very first recipient for The Redneck Fantasy League Championship Award!

For those who have never met Dawn Lutz I would like to introduce her to all. For the 2014 Redneck Fantasy League Dawn put an old fashion Redneck “whoppin” on all of us!  She scored a record 1,213 points for the three segments.  What a season for her!

That total was the highest combined number since the inception of the NASCAR fantasy league about 10 years ago!


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